Current Farm Management Projects


• Developed 3 different farms that were fallow land into full scale production operations
• Purchased and planned out the equipment needs for a farm from 6000 ha to 18000 ha
• Currently still developing the Ukraine business with plans to be at 30000 ha in 1 year
• GFS has managed farming business for companies such as Morgan Stanley to other publically traded investment groups from Europe
• Focus crops have been Corn, Soybeans, Wheat, Rape and Sunflower

Burkino Faso

• Developed Sunflower production farm
• Created plan and implemented the construction of an edible grade oil production plant
• Started a seed production farm for Sunflower Hybrid seed that is specific for the West Africa Climate
• Hired and trained local teams to run both the farm and production facility


• Inspected land to determine most viable farming area
• Built operational plan for a 40,000 Ha farm plan with 28,000 HA of irrigation
• Created equipment list and roll-­‐out for full-scale operations (currently in early stages).
• Developed plans for building site and storage facility for a 2000 HA corn and rice farm
• Started small scale sunflower produce on farming operation
• Trained local farmers to grow sunflowers with proper standards

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