Conducting a Consulting Site Visit

GFS will send two agriculture experts to the requesting site for a 5-day, on-the-ground, full-scale evaluation of the site. Following the visit, GFS will provide a detailed report including:

  • View of crops suitable for a designated region.
  • Report explaining input needs, application details, calendar of events, marketing needs, and purchasing needs.
  • Five-year plan for clearing land, labor, budgets, planning, marketing, equipment and infrastructure, etc.
  • Economics in detail for 3 or 4 crops suitable for the region, including all capital and costs
  • “Roll out” of farm, economics, budgets and plans.
  • Infrastructure and manpower requirements including details for equipment that is suitable to the soil, the right size, and applicable in the region.
  • A plan for irrigation and options for double cropping.
  • Logistics, markets, political issues, and time line

Five Year Roll-Outs Include a Complete Work Book with the Following Spreadsheets:
Summary Cash Flow, Full View Cash Flow, Revenue Overview, Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Summary, Yearly Sale Calendar, Infrastructure CAPEX, Machinery CAPEX, Historical Prices, Prices, Yearly Productivity, Hectare Roll-out, Harvest Sequencing, Land Clearing Schedule, Full Input Breakdown, Plant-Harvest-Storage Detail, and Individual Farm – Yearly Plan including All Operational Costs and Operational Revenue.

Completed Consulting Projects

  • Gambia
    • Assessed green field potential project sites and created a roll-out plan
    • Created 5 year and 10 year comprehensive master plan roll-outs for both 6000 ha and100, 000 ha
    • Assessed Value Chain Creation and management for overall food security
    • Examined Re-exporting opportunities
  • Ghana
    • Performed Site Visit
    • Executing 5 year plan for 10,000 ha project
    • Currently in year 2
    • Increased yields by over 80% from year 1 to year 2
    • Managed Technical& Operational Growth Precision Agriculture

Project Viability Assessments

& Case Studies Experiences

  • Romania:  Executed feasibility work and a case study for 10,000 HA agricultural project
  • Zambia: Conducted a full assessment for potential future growth

Benchmarking and Continuous Education Site Visit Country Examples

Panama, Brazil, U.S.A , & Guinea

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